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The Color of Sound

The Color of Sound Feb 7 - 28th


The Color of Sound

Studio 2091
2091 Front Street, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221 Amy Mothersbaugh 330-962-4292
Presents: The Color of Sound
Fundraiser community art show.
Studio 2091 has brought you fine art shows and programs for the last 5 years. We want thank everyone for your support, attending openings, purchases, and sharing your art with us. You have made us great.
We do not charge artists to show and our commission split is 80/20 to support the artist, but we need your help. We have changes in the gallery and studios that are needed to continue  reaching out to the community and improve how you view art.
We are hosting a music inspired art show. The Color of Sound.  We are hoping to inspire YOU to create your own 10X10 album cover. Either inspired by music you already love or music you imagine. The gallery will provide a 10X10 board ($1.00 donation  to enter) per album. You may create as many as you want. We are aiming for 500 album covers to show, or more….
We will offer children and adult workshops at the beginning of February, check our page on fb and our website  at for details and dates.
ALL pieces need returned to the gallery by February 7th (or as soon as possible) to be hung and voted on, this is a juried show with prizes.  The artist preview show will be Feb 20th  5:00pm, artist public reception Feb 28th  5:00pm.  Awards and prizes announced that evening.
ALL finished art submitted will be hung in show.  This will be a juried show with 10 prize winners. First place prize is 200.00. Second place prize is 100.00, Third place prize through tenth is  25.00. Prizes will be awarded at the artist reception show. All art received after Feb 7th will still be displayed in the show.
The sale of art proceeds will be donated to the gallery community fund for installing new track lights, music system, display equipment, workshop development  and  flooring. We need you to help us out. Thank you and have fun.dd text, images, and other content

Participating Artists, by album number

Piece #ArtistTitle
1April HelmsMusic Alone
2Amy MothersbaughSpace Is The Place
3Eileen MatiasYes
4John E. CrymesAchy Breaky
5Jeanie BurrierSychonicity
6Dan OpalenikBjork
7Dan OpalenikMonlight Bay
9Gary BlaineSpace Is The Place
10Brian GrahamJam 2015
11Nikki & WolfHungry Like A Wolf
12Ricky RhoadsBalloons, Bats & Bongos
13Gary BlaineTrout Mask Replica
14Becky BasaloneKing Tubby
15Malcolm HuberBlue Abstract
16John CrymesThe Electric Pond Scum
17Sadie WalkerAbstract
18Rikki Jean RidgeBlack Bird
19Valerie WalkerDon't Rock
20Valerie WalkerShe's Lost Control
21Johnny CrymesSpockalicious
22AmyMothersbaughI love how your heart beats
23Toth WilderDevo Covers
24Nikky RettmannThe Blues 'Ba dum, Ba dum"
28Patsy SullivanThe Eminem Show
29Dionne SimoneSeal
30Dan OpalenikBjork
32Dan OpalenikKlaus You Don't Nomi
33Katie Toth Jr.33
34Scott Alan EvansThe Sounds of Space
38Johnny GrahamMaking OK Money
39Jodi Ashe CrowsleyRed   
40Jodi Ashe CrowsleyIn the Wrong Time
41Jodi Ashe CrowsleyDapper
42Jodi Ashe CrowsleyBow Tie
43Jodi Ashe CrowsleyWaterproof
44Jodi Ashe CrowsleyRed Souls
45Jodi Ashe CrowsleySmudge Proof
46Chuck SlonakerTrickle Down
47Chuck SlonakerTrout Mask
48Chuck SlonakerThe Reagans
49Rikki Jean RidgeBlowin' in the Wind
50Rikki Jean RidgeLandslide Stevie Nicks
51Devan MaxwellThe Graey Area
54Hailey DeGrawFive Nights at Friday's
55Hailey DeGrawHalo
56Jeffrey StroupThe Devil's Sea
58Tom SullivanThe Grateful Thread
59Tom SullivanDark Side of the Loom
60Matthew MayleFeeling The Vibe
69Dionne SimoneCello Verse
70Matthew MayleSymphonic Expressions
75Anne Mavrides SnyderBob
78Anne Mavrides SnyderPunk Kin
80Anne Mavrides SnyderLucy
81Rikki Jean RidgeButterfly Fly Away
82Rikki Jean RidgeThe Climb
83Rikki Jean RidgeFrancis Scott Key
84Rikki Jean RidgeDollhouse
85Rikki Jean RidgeSam Hunt
86Johnny GrahamSaxaphone Colossus
87Anne Mavrides SnyderJ J
88Dionne SimoneStanding of a Beach
89John E. CrymesTennis
90Anne Mavrides SnyderSergeant Purple
91Johnny GrahamBen
92Anne Mavrides SnyderTiny Dancer
93Rikki Jean RidgeHanging Tree
94J. CrymesLady Googoo
95Rikki Jean RidgeThe Hanging Tree
96Dionne SimoneFancy Feast
97Rikki Jean RidgeThe Kingston Trio
98Oscar DiWilliamsElvis Farts U2
99John E. CrymesKind of Blue
102George KurkaBettie Page
103George KurkaThe Rat Pack
104Danya KurkaThe Girls
105Danya KurkaJohnny Splash
106George KurkaSalad Fingers & Rusty Spoons
107Scott EisenauglePublic Enema
108Scott EisenaugleMinistry Rio Grande Blood
109Scott Eisenaugle
110Scott EisenaugleCover Up
111Scott EisenaugleWish I Weren't Here
117Eric SchneiderA Frightful Memory
118Tori 2015The Driveways
119Tori 2015Fist of Sound
120Lenell RipleyMeowk Go
121Lenell RipleyKetchup & Mustard
123Amber McElreathI've got dancing legs
125Casey RuicMonster Ridden Tokyo - Black Black Ocean
125Casey RuicMonster Ridden
130Mikayla SchniberEndless
131Mary HughesVoutar
132Mark HughesSteaming Vaginas
133Mark HughesWeird & Gilly
134Mary HughesNeil Young Metal
135Mikayla SchniberWritten in the Stars
138Mikayla SchniberRaging Love
139Thomas SkocichNew Order
140Tom SkocichShit a Brack
141Tom SkocichSalsa Salsa
143Mikayla SchniberUnder the Sea
144Tom SkocichGrace Shit
146Tom SkocichNo
147S. EndesaxeMandala Music for Dancing Shoes
150Emily SpeelmanGarden of Eden
152Emily SpeelmanHolst and Planets
153Eileen MatiasHeart
154Brian BeanSynesthesia
155Brian BeanSynesthesia
156Brian BeanInside This World
157Brian BeanTrial of Lucy
158Noah KleinhenzWhite Trash
159Noah KlenovichHeinous Seepage
160Noah KleinovichElk
161Noah KleinovichBlack Lodge
162Chuck SlonakerNot Another Bush
164Noah KlenovichTicket To Ride
165Brian BeanSynesthesia
166Eileen MatiasBeatles
168Brian BeanSAP
170Brian BeanSynesthesia
171Brian BeanerTrial of Lucy
172J CrymesBowie
173Oscar DiWilliamsHunky Dory
174Emily & Raymond DeanChemistry
177Raymond DeanYoda
178Valerie WalkerHorned
179Raymond DeanHomer
180Valerie WalkerAdam & The Ants
186Milhayla SchriberMy Horizon
194John LemurThing 1 & 2
195John BarrettBart
196Katie WestmeyerLest We Forget
197Amy McCulloughA Perfect Circle
198Michael McCulloughAbstract  
199Katie McCulloughMy Little Pony
200Rikki Jean RidgeSing Me To Sleep
201Mikayla Foster
206Tyler CoffyThe Sticker
209Heather Braun-WargowskyStarfish Yellow
210Hannah AldrtmanEd Sheeron
211Noah Lillquist
213Jessica Hyde
218Zach Brown
222Austin DavelloChefs Edge
225C G
227Noah Brown
229Mariah Harnish
231Kiriah Williamson
233Craig WargowskyCandy Girl
234SBSweet Sue
235Alexis Tillison
239Melaney Kenna
240Austin Estes
242Leila WargowskyLove Angel
243Suzi BennShips & Sailors
245Madison Ryan
246Brandon McElwee
249Parris BryantSpinal Tap
252Joe Fidler
261Brandon Koller
278Ashely Diebold
280Wilson Dudo
283Dylan WargowskyBeastie Boys
289Tom Peregrin
293Kailash Rimal
295M Limbu
300Craig WargowskyBlo It Man
301T. SwainDaughter of War
302Mace GrayInfections
303Brittany MillarEnlighten Me
304Heidi ShuberNikita Cries
305Alex PishneyBeautifully Balanced
306Kaylee RitcheyRockabilly Stylin'
307Bryce BrooksNero's Lab
310Staci BowerySpirit of the Wild
311Melonie MandezDollhouse
312Julia RichardsonBeach
313J. SpinnerLow Brass Explosion
314Liam Van BuskinPeace and Love
315M. DarringtonThe Rebel
316Patricia ArnesBeautiful Destruction
317Melody TanneDoom of Oz
318Sabrina MorrisKeep Akron Beautiful
319Victoria BellOpaque State of Mind
321Rachel BianchiI Miss You
323Tanner TreptonDark Side of the Galaxy
324Trinity JudyEvil Nightmares
325Fae HiteTake Me to Church
329Lindy DavisSummer Rain
333Lindy DavisRose Garden
334Ann SpagnolaKnight at 2091
336Ann SpagnolaPoppies
340Chuck SlonakerZappa
341Ava AlexanderTry
342Tana ZagarMary Did You Know
343Luke AberhathyFallout Boy
344Maddox SmithLisas' B;ues
346Lindsey CarterDymnamite Hits
347Doug SmithSt. Morrissey
348Isabella WilsonUpTown Funk
349Joshua HarriganSkrillex
350Jada LittleSwift
352Nirmal KhanasThe Cure of Life
353Lilly MaySpongbob Squarepants
354Jocelyn JebberMusic In My Mind
356Doug SmithVinyl Resurgence
357Doug SmithMix Tape
358Olivia BartlettMean Girls
360Alister LarsonAbbey Road
361Nathan LoweIn Real Life
362Tazz AbuzaynahHearty Party
364Lonnie UzlBack Street
375Craig MitchellMusic for Bonfires
376Craig MitchellThe View Masters Stereo Sensations
377Craig MitchellThe Fish Schtiks Surft Protect
379Craig MitchellPetal & Peter Nostril
392Joe WymerRevenge
397John CorradinoBetween Worlds
399Ryan HousleyShadows
401Cierra AlexinasBed of Lies
402Victoria ThammachakThe Heart Wants What it Wants
403Brittany BallardThe Little Mermaid
404Jennifer Schulman80's Collection
405Tara HardingHere Comes The Sun
406Kenny PilcherConcrete Jungle
407Franklin BayerCleveland
408Mya JonesIf heaven was a mile away
409Anthony TeodosioUntitled
410Adam MerlenCrooken Smile
411Patricia ArnesGirls Girls Girls
412Bryant ApplegateThe Shamone Album
413Emma WaggonerFaces Look Ugly When You're Alone
414Patricia ArnesSimple
416Karey SloneLife's a Lock of Tangles
418Cody WarstlerBehind Those Eyes
420Max RowenStay Together
421Enrique IglesiasHeart Beat
422Olivia WolframMermaid Motel
424James VanscoyNew York City
425Bradley Knepp
427Noah KlenovichBeethoven's 666th
429Kabita SubbaBright Lights
431Melody McQuillenGravity
432Adriana BowenThe Freedom of Summer
433Austin RossiDangerous
434Kyle PierceCleveland
435Jen SchulmanWrong Side One
435Matt PlesichBlack Thunder
438Emma WaggonerEye Can See Your Soul
439Noah ScottPan's Rock Show
440Ronny VorthangBattle Scars
441Kylie RyanRapunzelz Revenge
442Amelia Detroit Art & Music
443Olivia MagyRainbow After The Rain
444Emma WaggonerStrawberry Fields of Dreams
445Abbey EvansMaking Things Beautiful
447Kimberly Deiley2 Lost Souls
448Jessica LabutBeauty and the Beat
449Faith HopkinsDesert of My Mind
450Miami Heat
452Joe RixKnicks
453Patrick KinsellaBlast Processing
454Damian LaGuardiaPeriod 2
456Ian RichmondLed Zeppelin
457Jake WatsonWicked Games
458Joseph GraySpirit of Life
459Tyler LawPeriod 2
461Mariah GravesThinking Out Loud
463Jeff BauerFrom The Other Bauer
464Brandon PanettaHeart Shaped Box
467Sierra WNickleback
471Will TurnbullThe Eagle Has Landed
473Tommy BianehiWords
474Haley ReddMelting Candle
475Alex PishneyToxic Wonderland
476Ashley KriegerI am Mountain
479Heidi ShuberHawiian Cinderella
481Hannah BarletteBlank Space
483Regan O'NeillLet It Be
484Amelia LindwigComfortably Numb
485Gabe LougheyStay Gold
486Matt MoserWarm Weather
488LeAnn PishneyRhe Color of Lyrics
489Felicity W.Put Your Hearts Up
496Daena UrbanskiSmoke & Mirrors
497DevLove Songs
498Jen PezzoErykah
499April HelmsAll the White Horses
500Mike SchubertAgainst it All
502Branden MillerAbstract Black
503Cindy SmithBessie Smith
504Cindy SmithA Forest, The Cure
505Cindy SmithLittle Pink Houses
518JoJo MorrisBongwater
520Kim WrightVelvet Underground
522Scott CassidyDay Dream Nation
523John E CrymesMiles Davis
525John CrymesSweet Baby James
526DevThe Color of 8
527Chuck SlonakerCrabby Road
529Chuck SlonakerMothership
530Niki JacksonBella Donna
531Niki JacksonJim Morrison
532Thomas JenneyDowntown Tommy
533Scott SkaghiGhenghis Khan Piano Diddies
535Kim WrightAtom Heat Mother
536Kim WrightLouis Armstrong
538Kim WrightRound Midnight
541Zakariah Hall11:00 PM
542Zakariah HallResurrection
543Zakariah HallSoul Contract
544Zakariah HallDivine Thought
545Zachariah HallLove & Hapiness
546Scott Alan EvansYarns
548Daniel Koja
549Andrew SinderlandDylan on Dylan:  Desire
550Jason WilliamsThe Gambler
551Eddie SquaresMagical Shoe Tree
553Randolph RoederSlow Jams
554Randolph RoederYoko
555Randolph RoederVlad Nabors
560Jackie LairdReferendum
561Mary Brophy MarcusInto  the Wild
562Oscar di WilliamsIN a Spocka da Vida

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