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2091 Front Street - Cuyahoga Falls - Ohio 44221
Wednesday - Friday 4 pm - 8 pm Saturday 1 pm - 6pm

Tarot Cards -  Order

The Tarot Card Show

$25  Order with Studio Pickup

$25 Pre Order + $8 Shipping

 Order your Tarot Card Deck at $25.00 per set.

78 hand selected artists from across the globe, 
were extended a private invitation to create one tarot card in the deck.
The show has been curated by Scott Alan Evans, 
with assistance by Amy Mothersbaugh & Studio 2091.

The original art will be shown and available for sale at Studio 2091 October 9th - Nov. 7th.
We are offering you the opportunity to own a unique art filled tarot deck composed of all these artists' work. The preorder price is kept low, as a favor to all our patrons and artists who would like a memento of this momentous show. The price will remain fixed until the opening of the art show October 9th. Decks will be available for pick up starting that night. Any deck needing mailed will have a postage fee due at time of shipping. Postage on multiple purchases of decks will be combined for savings.

Tarot Artist List:
Ryan Almighty
Dylan Atkinson
Holly Atkinson
Pach Atomz
Tara Bauer
Jessica Bennett
Craig Booth
Brent Boyd
Patrick Buckohr
Jorge Cervantes
Goodgoat Nancy Cintron
Joseph Carl Close
John E. Crymes
Jodi Ashe Crossley
Tawny Crowe
Lynn Digby
Neil Drabinski
Andy Dreamingwolf
Adam Dumont
Mike Egan
Steve Ehret
Scott Alan Evans
Kat Francis
Lauren Pool-Gibler
Bridget Ginley
Chad Hansen
Andy Hopp
Silas Hite
Ashley Holsopple
Amy Huston
Chynna Jenkins
Hugo Jimenez
Bili Kribbs
George Kurka
Daire Lynch
Bill Lynn
Ryan Lynn
Megan Mars
Tiffany Marsh
Eileen Matias
Matt Mayle
Michael McCullough
Amber McElreath
Matt Medla
Tom Megalis
Amy M. Mothersbaugh
Mark Mothersbaugh
Skott Moynihan
Erin T. Mulligan
Tina P. Myers
Loren Naji
Su Nimon
Sandi Phillips
Scot Phillips
Mandy Altimus Pond
Linda Alexander Radak
Randolph Roeder
Bobby Rosenstock
Casey Ruic
Sarah Winther Shumaker
Jason Sigala
Dionne Simone
Mike Skaggs
Chuck Slonaker
Emily Speelman
Rebecca Steele
Fred STZ
Tommy Sullivan
Alaska Thompson
Yisraela Tzviah
Daena Urbanski
Margy Vogt
Valerie Walker
Casey Williams
Kimberlee Wright