Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh

2091 Front Street - Cuyahoga Falls - Ohio 44221
Wednesday - Friday 4 pm - 8 pm Saturday 1 pm - 6pm

Past Gallery Exhibits 

Life Stories - A community group art show

A Wonder of Nature
By: Noah Klenovich

Cute,Creepy and Nerdy
By: Dionne Simone

Binded by The Laws of Light
By: Jonathan Laslo

2091 Tarot Card Show

Sik Rik

Osseux Erotique 
by Scott Alan Evans

Disorder, Color & Form
by: Valerie Kessell Walker

New Art by Casey Ruic; 
Themes and Variations 

"Art for Folks" Featuring Works by Panhandle Slim

Old Cars, Remote Finds & Salvage Yards, Photography by Deanna Sztuer

Stephen Paternite: 
Retro Roadkill Artworks from 1970-2015

Retrograde Portraiture New Works by John E. Crymes

Villainous Tendencies Metalsmith, Kacie Keefe, BFA Exhbition

Rob Crombie, 
Retrospective in Oil

Low Brow High Adventure: New Works by Andy Hopp

SikMother Tentacle Collaboration

DEVO Dome Show - Group Show



Tiltcycle: Pinball Machine Revival: Dan Burfield 

Elementals : New Work by Scott Alan Evans 

Natural Porn Group Show

Michael S McMullough 
New  Exciting Works

Down the Raabit Hole, 
New Works by Chris Raab

"Gone Manic" 
New Works by Artist Tori

Paintings by Emily Harig

Nephilim, Giant 
Works by John E Crymes

Don't Forget to Write
New Works
by Andy Dreamingwolf

Bridget D. Ginley, 
Factory Flowers of the Rustbelt Gardens

Corey Jenkins, 
Presents Hot Girls, Fast Food

Scott Evans Presents:
Impossible Gardens

Fathoms, Knots and Leagues
Art by Casey Ruic 


Wallflowers (-flouers)
Show of Works by 
Kimberlee Wright

Eye for Extinction 
Tom Skocich, Ernie Hall, & Michael Toth

66 Sirens & Sea Maidens
Art by John E Crymes and Amy Mothersbaugh

A Natural Response
By Emily Speelman

The Traveler - Group Show

Hannah Comerato
My Mind is Made Up (Or How I Learned That Being Lost Isn't Always Terrifying

Ohio Collage Society Member's Show

Duck & Cover: 
A Collective of the Atomic Age
Inspired Art by Tom Sullivan

Art Mask Workshop and Show

Rte 8 Yeti Group Show

RBF - Ryan Flowers

Group Centennial Art Show
Iconic Images of Cuyahoga Falls

John Sokol New Drawings

Group Art Show 
Everything Aquatic 

Group Art Show
Appreciating the Spiral 

To Make a Long Story Short
New Paintings by
Andy Dreamingwolf

Burds: Daire Lynch

2012 Year of the Dragon
There Will be Dragons

The Valentine Liberation Show
Marilyn Scott-Waters

At Bare Root
Shirley Ende-Saxe

Then We Said Goodbye
New Works by Mike Egan

Beep Bop Boop
Jimbot (James Demski)

"A Week in Nantucket"
Art by Rob Crombie

Flyers Waiting to be Used:
Highly Replicated Art
Megan Bourque

Save the Ta-Ta's

Out of Impulse 
Large Scale Installation 
Betsy Cavalier 

Scott Alan Evans
Natural Timbre: A Textural Study of the Gorge 

57 Weirdos by John Crymes

Girl Scout Troop #40 
Benefit Art Sale for Japanese Girls Scouts

Tommy Horning  
Some Assembly Required

Tara Boom Dee
Mug - a - Day

Andrew Somoskey

Nocturne & Estrus 
José Paul Sacaridiz

Jonah Jacobs
Unnatural Selections

Separate Checks
Jeffery Fulvimari & Thomas Skocich

The Water Tile Project
Charity Art Show

Mina Hosefeld

Silas Hite

Mark Mothersbaugh

Studio 2091 Resident Art Show and Cooperative Mural Project

Camryn Mothersbaugh
Photography Exhibit

Katina Pastis Radwanski

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