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Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh

2091 Front Street - Cuyahoga Falls - Ohio 44221


Studio 2091, exhibits artwork by Ohio artists as well as both national and international artists. Studio 2091 has two galley spaces, and Resident Artists.

Located in the historic downtown section of Cuyahoga Falls Front Street.


Artist Call-
Healing Through Artistic Expression.

Reflections and Reactions to 2016

Show opens January 20th

Art can be a way to protest, a way of healing, a way to bond with your community or a way to express your hopes and fears. At its' best art is many, or all of these things. It is with this thought in mind, that we look to our community of friends, neighbors and fellow artists to help us celebrate our right to free expression of what 2016 has brought globally, including our reaction to the Election of Donald Trump through art.

Capture and share your own reaction to 2016 world events and this unprecedented political election, whether it’s whimsical or serious, joyful or fearful.

All mediums accepted…
Art accepted at Studio 2091 during gallery hours January 6th through January 13th.

Show opening January 20th and up through April 8th.

Art must be ready to hang or display, all hardware attached to art. Include artist's name, contact information, materials used and sale price ( including the 20% of gallery commission).

Artists receive 80% of sale of art at end of show.

Show up through April 8th


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Studio 2091 over 200 years ago

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